Pitch Counts and More...

Whether your just looking to count pitches or need detailed statistics on a pitchers performance, Pitches has you covered. With a user interface inspired by classic baseball scoreboards, Pitches provides the features coaches, players and parents need to track a pitchers performance. In addition to pitch counts, Pitches tracks balls, strikes and hits for multiple pitchers and multiple games. Pitches also allows you to set pitch count limits as required by some leagues.


  • Tracks Total Pitches with warnings at preset limits
  • More than just total pitch counts, Pitches tracks strikes balls, hits, strikeouts, walks and more.
  • Statistics include Ball and Strike percentages, Average pitches per batter
  • Counts and Statistics by Inning

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Pitches is Easy to Use

Getting started using Pitches is easy, the video below shows the basics and more...


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